How does our UPS order system work?

 It’s easy!!

Place your order at least a week in advance and request UPS shipping if necessary.

Once your order arrives you will find two copies of your contract (One pink for return, and one yellow for your records) along with a prepaid Authorized Return Label or ARS, one per box shipped. Note: The ARS is very important and if lost a charge of $1.00 will be added to your invoice for the additional label.

After your event, reuse the boxes from your shipment to get your item returned within the 10-day rental period to avoid an additional fee for the extra days. Enclose the pink copy of your order received previously in each box to insure the return is correctly recorded.

Bring the boxes to a UPS store near you or, if more convenient, call UPS at 800-PICKUPS (800-742-5877) for a pick up. Once the items are returned and counted your contract will be closed.

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